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Weeks Events – June 6th to9th

Just a little reminder of the upcoming events this week:

June 7th- Garden Field Trip to the high school in the afternoon

June 8th – Grade 3 Track  Start time around 9:20 or 9:30 until about 11:45.

June 9th – Dress up in Western Wear and LAST day for Library.  Return ALL library books!

June 9th – Care Partner Activity!


It will be a fantastic week ahead!

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Spray Park tomorrow!

Spray Park Tomorrow!

Please make sure your child has a swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen tomorrow. If the weather allows, we will be heading to the spray park around 1:00. (We do have a backup date set for the spray park (June 16th) in case the rain does show up tomorrow.)

It will be a fun day!

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Portfolios for May

The students portfolios will be coming home today.  There are work samples from the units we have been working on.  Please sign and return the portfolios by Monday!


Thank you.

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Plant Unit Quiz

The students brought home study sheets yesterday to help them prepare for the unit quiz.  The quiz will be tomorrow.  We will study in class but you can help them prepare for the test by studying at home as well.

Thanks for the support

Jenn Beaumont-Becker

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June Events in 3JB

June is quickly approaching and with it being the end of the year and such a busy month I thought I would get June information out to you a little sooner.

We will be wrapping up many units but also starting  a few new ones.  In math we will finish our Geometry and Data Management Units in May and June.  We have almost completed our unit about Plant Growth and we will have a short quiz to wrap the unit up on May 24th.  At the beginning of June we will start our final unit in Science about Soils in the Environment.  We will be doing story writing in Writer’s Workshop and in Reader’s workshop we will begin a novel study called Expedition Down Under.  In this novel we will be learning about Australia and comparing to our own country of Canada.

Our portfolios will come home 2 more times.  In the middle of June I will begin to send home some supplies that will not be needed anymore.

Here are a list of events in June in 3JB and W.E.S.

June 2nd– Grade 3 Spray Park afternoon (1:15-2:45) – Bring swimsuits, towel, sunscreen and bug spray.

June 5th – NO SCHOOL

June 7th– Field trip to the Community Garden at the highschool.  We will get to see what is growing in the garden and to do a few activities there.

June 8th– Grade 3 track day (9:15 – 12:00)  Please have your child wear appropriate footwear and track gear for that day.   Bring regular lunches and a water bottle.

June 9th – Last Day to bring back library books.

June 9th – Dress Up Day – Western Wear

June 13th- Grade 3 track ALTERNATE day if needed!

June 16th –  Grade 3 Spray Park afternoon (1:15-2:45) – Bring swimsuits, towel, sunscreen and bug spray.

June 16th – Grade 3JB BBQ.  Hotdogs and buns provided by Mrs. Becker.  Eden Vege and Dip Tray, Sofia and Harvey- Treats, Simona- Cheese and Cracker tray, Hudson – Chips

June 23rd – Family Picnic for all students at WES.

June 28th – Last Day of classes fro students and Report cards go home.

Have a fun and safe summer with your family and friends!

Thanks for all the support and encouragement you have given to your child this year!

Take Care

Jenn Beaumont- Becker

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Bricks4Kids Activity

Bricks4 kids was a huge success in 3JB last week.  The students had a great time creating a suspension bridge, Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe  out of Lego.  They also got to experience a group challenge where they were to create a tower as tall as their teacher.  They used magnetic building blocks  for that activity.  The students used their knowledge from the Structures and Materials unit to create these building masterpieces.


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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s Day to all our mother’s.  Our mother’s day gifts came home yesterday and the others will come home today.  We hope you enjoy them!  Have a fun filled Mother’s Day Weekend!


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Plant Life Cycle Exit Card

Plant’s Life Cycle

The students have been learning about the life cycle of a plant and a flowering plant.  They will be bringing home booklet tonight that they can use to study from.  We will have our exit card tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning!


Jenn Beaumont-Becker

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Multiplication and Division Test

We will be having a multiplication and division test on Wednesday May 10th.  You can help support your child with this by having them practice multiplication facts to 5×5 and division facts to 25 divided by 5.  Also have your child show the related facts.  We have also been working on drawing arrays (equal rows) to show our thinking of multiplication and division.

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning!

Jenn Beaumont-Becker

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May Events in 3JBB

May is upon us already and we are trying to fit in all the learning we can.  The students will be working on a variety of new units in the coming months.  In Science we are working on our Plant Unit and will begin our Soil Unit at the end of May.   In Reader’s Workshop we are learning about transforming and how that can help us be a better reader.  When we transform we look at the big idea and message in the book.  We are also noticing how our thinking may change as we read a story.  The students and I are enjoying exploring this comprehension strategy.  It is really interesting to see how they think about a story and what message it gives them.  Our multiplication and Division unit will be wrapping up next week.  We will be having a unit test on May 10th and 11th.  The next unit we will move onto is fractions!  In Health we will be starting our Harmful Substances unit and learn how we can make good choices to keep our bodies healthy.

Below is a list of events happening on May at WES:

May 3rd- Fine Arts Night

May 15th – Bricks For Kids – In School Field Trip  for grade 3

May 16th – Shrek Musical at WCMS (in afternoon)

May 17th – Bike Rodeo ( bring a helmet and a bike)  We do the rodeo at 9:00 a.m.

May 19th and 22nd – NO SCHOOL for students

May 26th – Dress up Day- Crazy Hair day!

Have a great May!  Get out there and enjoy the weather!

Thanks for your continued support,

Mrs. Beaumont-Becker

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